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Our Farming Practices

First and foremost, Holtz Farms is a minimum tillage operation. We use cover crops to hold in the moisture of the land and rotate our crops for maximum use of the available nutrients within the soil. Our operation specializes in managing the soil’s nutrition in order to balance the pH of the land and improve the overall health of the soil.

We make sure to maintain the field’s waterways to prevent erosion. We also mow waterways and field edges frequently as well as trim trees and properly dispose of the branches on the regular to keep your land looking clean.

Tyler Emhoff_Sprayer

Meet the Holtz Farms Team

Tom Holtz


“I’m Tom Holtz, the Owner of Holtz Farms, a branch under Holtz Companies. I’m mainly the visionary and logistics coordinator and an equipment operator as needed. I grew up working on my family’s dairy farm that my ancestors have owned since 1895. Then in the late 80’s, we sold all of our dairy cows, and in 2000, when I took the business over, we became a cash grain operation. My favorite part about farming is learning new techniques and technology and applying them to our practices. I have a big appreciation for the process of farming: planning, watching it grow, and harvesting. My mornings consist of catching up on the Ag Daily news and watching YouTube videos on farming, or whenever there’s a spare moment in my day. I am constantly thinking about how we can better the land and our farming practices. When I have free time, I like recreational activities such as snowmobiling, UTV-ing, fishing, and traveling.”

Tyler Emhoff

Farm Manager

“I’m Tyler, the Farm Manager. I do all the planning for the farm, from purchasing the seeds and fertilizer to combining, planting, spraying, and scouting the fields during the summertime, I do it all. I began working at the local co-op at 19 as a commercial applicator. Through that job, I realized I really liked working with the farmers so that’s when I decided to become a crop advisor and then all the other stuff just came along the way as I kept working and learning. I’ve been combining for Holtz Farms since 2012 and saw the opportunity to manage all the behind the scenes work that needs to be done, and so I started full time in 2018 doing that. My favorite part about farming is seeing the crops grow and just the entire process from beginning to end, I really enjoy being part of it. Other than working, I like spending time with my family. I love live music, snowmobiling and fishing.”

Paul Koberstein

Operations Manager

“I’m Paul, the Operations Manager. For work, I take care of all the equipment maintenance to make sure that everything’s field -ready. I was born and raised on a beef and dairy farm, but then graduated high school and worked at an industrial transmission and axle repair facility for 22 years. They sent me to school, and I got a degree in industrial mechanics at MATC. I was a service manager alongside being a mechanic for 6 years there and that helped me get acquainted with managing people. For the last 12 years, I’ve been farming full-time. Tyler’s been my good friend since high school, and so he persuaded me to come work for Holtz Farms in 2020. I’d say the most satisfying part of my job is repairing all the equipment and preventing it from breaking down. When I’m not working, I like spending time with my family and tractor pulling — it’s a fun hobby for me — my dad, uncle, and I all working on the tractor together.”

Ron_Semi Truck Driver
Ron Bruenig

Semi Truck Driver

“I’m Ron, I’ve been farming all my life and have my own farm now with beef cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, a donkey, a dog, and lots of farm cats. I do everything that’s thrown my way, but for Holtz Farms, I mainly drive truck. I started my career here as a carpenter for Holtz Builders in 2005 and enjoyed making hay for the Holtz Farms side of the business in my free-time, through the years my role slowly changed into what I do now, which a collection of various tasks within all of Holtz Companies. I’ve been working for Tom for 18 years now, and I believe there is no better company to work for. I enjoy everything that he puts on my plate. My hobbies are fixing things, horseback riding, ATV-ing, and snowmobiling.”

Shaun Mislivecek

Mechanic & Semi Truck Driver

“I’m Shawn. I guess I do a little bit of everything from maintenance to clean-up. I drive the semis and sometimes the tractor. My favorite part of my job is maintenance repairs, but it’s nice to change it up and not do the same thing everyday. I grew up working alongside my grandpa and my uncles who were dairy farmers. I milked the cows and did field work till the wee hours of the night and milked them again in the morning before school. It’s all I ever knew, and all I ever did. I worked at a factory for 3-4 years but that wasn’t my calling. For hobbies, I like hunting, fishing, and spending time with my kids. They’re all getting too old to hang out. My youngest and I like to hunt and my daughter’s damn good at wrestling, she pins a lot of boys. My oldest boy is too smart for his own good – he can drive anything and everything that has a joy stick in it. I also help my neighbors out a lot when they need an extra hand… That’s all you’re asking me? Well that wasn’t too painful. “

Rich Halvorsen

Equipment Operator

“I’m Rich, the main operator for all the dozers and excavators. I do the tree trimming, fixing waterways, brush-hogging and the mowing, so I see a lot of landowners when I’m out doing that. I’ve been farming all my life. When I was a kid, my dad milked cows, and they decided to get out of that business. Then I started milking cows on my own in 4th grade, and in 2000, I sold all my cows. After that, I worked for a construction company for 15 years and then came here. I started full-time in 2016. My favorite part about farming is just being able to incorporate the kids, and it’s fun, just seeing all the different technology. Some of my hobbies are snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, and building stuff.”

Ramona Accountant Headshot
Ramona Reiser

Staff Accountant

“I’m Ramona, the Holtz Farms’ staff accountant! I track all of the expenses, income and liabilities. For me, it’s satisfying to be able to see where all the numbers go and correlate them to the seasons of the farm. From an early age, I’ve loved being around animals and even dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but now I just like the lifestyle of farming. I grew up around horses, and clydesdales are my favorite breed with their strong build and feathering around their legs. Currently, I live on a hobby farm with 21 acres — 6 of them are pasture for the animales and the rest are for us to explore. We have 4 sheep, 1 mini paint horse, 1 gypsy vanner horse, 4 guinea hens and 17 chickens, and of course, I can’t forget about our great dane, John Snow, along with our two cats. Some hobbies outside of work are horse-carting as well as building horse stalls, tack rooms, and an array of other projects as well as spending time with her granddaughter.”

The Crops We Grow

Field Corn

Most of our corn grown is converted into
ethanol at a local ethanol plant.


Our soybeans are delivered to the local co-op where it is used for animal feed and biofuels.

Wheat, Rye, and Clover

This variety of cover crops are planted after

the soybeans and corn are harvested.

Our Seasons

We are dedicated to caring for the resources entrusted to us.
Find out more about how we care for the environment and protect the land for future generations to come.

Holtz Farms Seasons

Tom’s Perspective

At Holtz Farms,

We understand the importance of the environmental footprint our generation leaves behind, and we strive to better our practices every day. I want us to leave the soil, land, and earth better than how we got it, so our team has implemented a wide range of regenerative farming practices to help achieve this goal. These include minimum tillage (we don’t till when possible), modifying equipment to reduce soil compaction, planting cover crops to help build soil health and organic matter, and applying commercial fertilizer and chemicals more precisely to reduce the amount.

~ Tom Holtz, Owner

Holtz Farms Lime Spreader

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