Preparing for a Prosperous 2024

January 13, 2024

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Exploring Post-Harvest Tasks

As 2023 comes to an end, the farm crew is preparing for a prosperous 2024 by seizing the opportunity of extended favorable weather and delving into various tasks aimed to optimize our agricultural practices. One notable undertaking was the implementation of fall strip till trials, a strategic move to assess the benefits of applying fertilizer strips in the autumn as well as in the spring. Through some research, we noticed that our nutrient stratification issues may stem from long-term no-till practices. Our soil analysis pointed us towards a fertilizer concentration in the top layers of our soil’s profile. The unique advantage of this approach lies in its depth, as deep strip tilling is exclusively conducted in the fall rather than the spring.

Embracing routine practices, we took advantage of the season to spread lime on fields requiring it, a standard fall practice that we executed diligently at the close of December. Additionally, the team undertook the hard task of trimming trees back and removing fence lines in order to expand fields, a strategic move aimed at enhancing efficiency in planting, spraying, and other field operations. Corn hauling operations to Marquis Energy have steadily continued, ensuring a smooth flow of produce out of our corn bins. With our eyes on preparing for the upcoming spring planting season, our farmers are dedicating a good chunk of time to preventive maintenance on all our equipment. 

Improving Farm Operations in 2024

Farm planning is already in full swing as we anticipate the challenges and opportunities of this prosperous 2024. Our commitment to innovation is evident as we explore new information and try new approaches to bolster crop yields. Along with a new strategy comes recent upgrades to two semis, the arrival of a new strip till in early fall, and the acquisition of a 20-inch bean planter underscore our commitment to staying at the forefront of agricultural technology. Infrastructure enhancements are also on the horizon, with plans to add another corn storage bin and an inbound receiving pit and leg to address inefficiencies in our processes. These strategic improvements align with our overarching goal of optimizing every aspect of our operations.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of preparations, the holiday season provided a well-deserved break for our hardworking team. Taking the time to enjoy festivities with their families, our farmers recharged their spirits, ready to tackle the challenges and successes that the new year is sure to bring. We’ll give an update on our progress next month!

[Written by Aysha Holtz]

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