Harvest Season ’23: A Glimpse at Our Progress

October 29, 2023

Tom Holtz Farming

As October unfolds, we find ourselves in the full swing of harvest season ’23. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind since we began our harvest journey on the 25th of September. So far, we’re thrilled to report that our soybean yields have exceeded our expectations. While the dry ground posed a challenge, our heavier clay have performed surprisingly well, promising a bountiful yield. We’re currently halfway through combining our soybeans and are already looking forward to the rest of the harvest season.

Our Day-to-Day

When it comes to our corn harvest, we’re making steady progress, currently standing at 25%. The dryers have been crucial in ensuring the quality of our corn, although we did encounter some start-up issues with our new equipment, causing a slight delay. Nevertheless, we’ve worked through these kinks and are confident in our ability to catch up.

In addition to harvesting, we’ve been busy preparing for the future. All of our wheat for the 2024 crop is already planted, as is the rye seed for harvest. Cover crops are also in the ground, and our diligent work extends to fertilizer blending and tillage, which follows closely behind the combine. Our fertilizer mixer has proven to be valuable assets, seamlessly blending fertilizers and cover crop seed enhancing our farming practices.

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

With recent rains providing a brief respite, we’re taking the opportunity to service our equipment and recharge. This break allows our team to rest before we head deeper into corn harvest, cover crop planting, and continued tillage. As we look ahead, we anticipate completing the harvest sooner than usual, aiming for an earlier finish, hopefully before the middle of November. The frozen ground that often marks the onset of deer season is the goalpost we’re working towards.

Our Team has Grown!

We welcome to our team Lewis, who’s been driving our semi-trucks, along with Adam, who’s been expertly running the combine! We’re also glad to have a familiar face back, Tyler, who drills rye in our fields. With 6 full days dedicated to harvesting beans and 7 full days for corn, the road ahead is clear, and our team is geared up for the rewarding finish line that lies ahead. So, with harvest season ’23 off to an encouraging start, we’re excited about the journey that lies ahead. And we’ll continue to share our progress as we navigate the challenges and successes of this farming season.

[Written by Aysha Holtz]

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