July Rains Bring August Growth

August 8, 2023

Holtz Farms Corn Dryer

Our fields have had great crop growth with the July rains as we head into August. Overall, the crops look pretty good for the little amount of rain we have had this growing season. So now, with summer in full-bloom, we’re trying our best to enjoy the season’s warmer activities while still staying on track for the craziness that harvest season will inevitably bring. As our team savors their last summer days, we’re going to keep this blog post short.

During the month of July, the guys combined our winter wheat and rye that we use for cover crop seed. Then, we started spraying fungicide on the corn and soybeans to help prevent diseases. In the last weeks, it’s been rather busy with our new corn dryer being delivered and installed onto the concrete foundation. Along with other modifications to our grain facility to help with efficiencies at our farm.

Our rather large Komatsu Loader was finally picked up from the shop, opening up the shed for other equipment. Though the buyer paid for the loader awhile back, we prepared it for transport to help the driver out. It’s never an easy task to drive a 70,000 lb. loader down the highway, so we gave him some directions for roads to turn on to avoid hitting any telephone wires.

In our maintenance department, the team replaced an injector on our spray tender truck. They also replaced a wheel motor seal on our hagie. Both are now ready for the next passes — hopefully getting us through the rest of the summer season. September, here we come!

[Written by Aysha Holtz]

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